Sanjay Tangoria is expertise in astro-vastu and has 7 years of experience in field of consultancy of vastu, astro; numero. He has keen interest since childhood to learn and to know about this mystic world of occult science. Since the time of education he always wanted to know this science and wanted to study.

He was born on 12 march 1972 in U.P. in a small town.  He comes from science stream completed his graduation in biology. But his thirst of seeking more knowledge in occultism he started learning under many spiritual gurus. On his journey, he met many spiritual gurus and learned and experienced many things in spirituality and divinity while also carrying his business. He learned Reiki from a renowned Reiki Grand Master Pt. Naresh Chandra and became Reiki master, then he learned palmistry and started a consultancy, he further learned and practiced Numerology, Vastu, Astrology, Vastu Acharya, and Astro-vastu from Dr. Khushdeep Bansal (Founder of MahaVastu).  While working in all these fields of mystic /occult science he came across people who had so many Myths in their mind for Astro and Vastu.

He personally felt that this science deals with our energy and our space which we use and our planets play an important role in all this. And we are destined to have happiness in life by solving in the correct way. But this knowledge is out of reach of common people. Only a few of them know about it so they manipulate people. He wants every person to grow up and live life happily by solving their own problems and learn these basic things so that at least he correct his own vastu and get the benefits of planets what they have stored for them in life.

So a common person can also correct his own vastu before moving into a new house or renting the place for living or business. At least he can correct the basic requirements.

Mission and Vision

To give happiness and spread the awareness of these divine sciences and knowledge throughout the world.

Direct from the Founder – A Gift

It is a Gift from God and my all Gurus for giving this knowledge, understanding, experience and universal wisdom; it is a gift unlike any other.  I am immensely grateful to do this work and bring it to others.